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Acting for Film and Television
Spotlight's actors are making their way into a growing list of films shot in Oklahoma.
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The Turkey Bowl.png
The Adventure Or A.R.I. My Robot Friend.png
The Scent of Rain and Lightning.png
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Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)
The Christmas Present (2022)
A Thousand Tomorrows (2022)
Wild Indian (2021)
American Underdog (2021)
Unbreakable Boy (20..)
Reagan (20..)
Family Camp (2021)
Infamous (2020)
Breaking Them Up (2020)
Treasure Lies (2020)
The Adventures of A.R.I. My Robot Friend (2020)
Fatal Frenemies (20..)
Cheer for Your Life (20..)
Dotty and Soul (20..)
Dead Wolf (20..)
​Thirteen Minutes (2019)
The Turkey Bowl (2019)
I Can Only Imagine (2018)
The Scent of Rain and lightning (2017)
Te Ata (2016)
A Thousand Tomorrows.png
I Can Only Imaging.png
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American Underdog.png
The Unbreakable Boy.jpg
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Fatal Frenemies.png
Cheer for Your Life.png
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