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A Dickens of a Christmas

Logline: A young costume designer, with an abandoned aspiration to sing professionally, agrees to create costumes for two competing A Capella choral groups led by rival directors. Amidst the mayhem, she finds a new chance for love and a singing career.



    • Finding true Christmas Spirit

    • Generosity

    • Inspiring competitors to join together for a common cause

    • Inspiring hope in those who have given up

    • Overcoming fears to move into one’s destiny and calling

    • Overcoming the fear of finding new love, and giving one’s

       heart to someone


As a Christmas, romantic comedy, the script is written to Hallmark time frames. An ever-expanding market for this genre of movie exists beyond Hallmark with Great American Family, Lifetime, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Pureflix and others. It will be an easy sell to distributors and platforms. Plus, its written for a low budget.

The setting for the film is Guthrie, Oklahoma, a town built in the late Victorian Era which, in real life, holds a month-long Victorian Christmas Celebration every year. For the four weeks leading up to Christmas, roaming a cappella groups dress up in Victorian costumes and regale visitors with Christmas carols along the shops. 

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