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Performing Arts Center and
Training Facility for the
Homeschool Community 
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A Performing Arts Theater and Educational Training Facility for the Homeschool Community and Television/Film Studio/Recording and Editing Complex


More than 10,000 students in the Greater Oklahoma City area are now members of the online-home-based Epic Charter School or Traditional Homeschool Communities. These communities have thriving and well-established performing arts programs with burgeoning amounts of students. Among the leading providers are:

1) Spotlight Productions OKC

2) Oklahoma Homeschool Bands

3) Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs


These organizations could greatly use a 500-800-seat theater for musicals, stage plays, choir concerts, band and orchestra Concerts. Practice halls and rehearsal studios are also greatly needed.


Currently, each of these organizations relies upon the graciousness of churches and other organizations for rehearsal spaces and performance venues. Of course, the churches' needs for their own space is their priority. This leaves large blocks of the daily, weekly and annual calendars off limits to these homeschool organizations. 


A shared-space complex, like the one Spotlight Productions OKC is proposing (see: ), would provide a home for daily, evening, weekend, and year-round school programs and summer camps. Evening and summer classes and training would be open to the public.


Most public schools have quality auditoriums and practice rooms for their Drama, Choir and Band departments. Oklahoma City's performing arts homeschool students do not have a place to call home.


Spotlight Productions OKC recognizes the growing film and television industry's need for sound stages, recording and editing suites. Our proposed facility will include two sound stages as well as a recording/editing suite. Training classes in lighting, sound, stage and prop design, as well as screenwriting, film scoring, acting, producing and directing will be offered.

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