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"The Fairy Tale Network"

The Tween Ensemble performed their spring play this past weekend entitled "The Fairy Tale Network". The play was directed by Missy Wood and the production was hosted by the wonderful Surrey Hills Baptist Church. We had a great turnout despite the threat of possible bad weather.

The Tween cast did such a wonderful job working together and creating some very lively characters. The Three (Not So Blind As Much, Cool) Mice were fantastic storytellers trying to keep their boss, The Cat, happy.

Our Red Robin Hood, who wore yellow because red is SO last season, was fantastically precocious and did a wonderful job with her character. The Big Bad Wolf chased her around with a fork and garnered many laughs.

The Three Little Pigs along with Mama Pig did a wonderful job connecting to each other and keeping the energy high in the scene.

When the Wolf came in to blow their houses down, the audience was surprised to discover he had asthma. My personal favorite line of the play was delivered as the poor Wolf took his last breath "Elizabeth.. I'm comin' to see ya!"

Our valley girl Goldilocks was an absolute riot wandering around trying to find cell reception. When The Three Bears came home and found her in their house, Baby Bear snapped a picture to post on social media!

This was truly an ensemble creation. Great job, Tweens!

This play could not have come together without all of our Teen Troupe volunteers.

We are so thankful for them! That Blonde Girl and Our Favorite Curly-Q on animal makeup, The Amazing Sawyer on hair, Grass, Jammy and Liz helping with theater makeup, Dano, The Fabulous Duo and Poppa Bear lending their acting talents as well as working backstage and Wolf Boy running lights and sound for us. (They may never help us again after these nicknames...) Spotlight Productions is so blessed to have such talented teens that love to serve. And thanks to their parents who take time out of their day to transport them every night during tech week. We appreciate you all!

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